5-year-old boy called 911 to find his mother who was in the heaven


The five-year-old boy received a touching answer from the police.

The short film based on a true story, which touches to many people’s heart.

At the police station in a small town, the phone suddenly rang. Officer Tommy Lee picked the phone up and asked several times but the person making the phone call was just silent. Few minutes later, no one answered, the officer guest he was a naughty boy, he warned: “Hey kid, making a call for 911 to play is illegal, understand? I know many judges who want to teach the child like you a lesson.”

A little boy suddenly raised his voice, small but serious voice: ”I want to find my Mommy. Mommy told me and my brother that she went to the hospital and waited for her but my father said that I was in heaven now. My mother has not returned yet.”

Listen to these words, the police suddenly coincide because he understood that the boy was in the most difficult time of his life.

”How does she looks like?” the policeman asked.

”She has many color scafts and she always puts her scaft on when she goes out. They are so beautiful and I miss my her so much.” The little boy said.

Mr. Lee are so touched and burst into tears and keep calm to talk with the little boy – Jerry.

”Little boy, when your father take you go out, let’s ask him to buy a red balloon. Then, you can write all words on a piece paper that you want to talk to your mother and let the balloon fly to her. You Mom can read it!”

A day later, Jerry was taken to the zoo, he asked his father for many red balloons to talk to his mother. Few months later, the phone rang and Jerry spoke immediately when listening to the policeman’s boy.

”I want to find my Mommy, Mommy did not get my messages’. I sent messages my Mom every month but it does not seem that she got them.”

”Just keep writing what you want to talk to her. I promise you she gets them in the heaven.

Few days ago, Tommy with his colleagues came to the little boy’s house with dozens of rad balloon and told him that his Mom received all the letters he sent. He also advised the Jerry to keep going writing for his Mom.

From that, Jerry received letters and gifts which he believed that they are from her mother. All the policeman going with Tommy knew that they had completed an important task.

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