Being betrayed, jealous King cobra swallowed pregnant female snake, he cannot forgive his fellow!


The king cobra seems so depressed and jealous when discovering that his wife have adultery.

King cobra is an dangerous animal. It can takes the life of those who betray them.

In a state of extreme jealousy, the king cobra was unable to contain the fires of fury, so he furiously took the life the smaller female snake. This special video, filmed by National Geographic’s film group, shows the struggle to retain the fiercest race in the natural world.

Specifically, after returning to the nest and found out that another male snake was next to his female snake, the king cobra was raised jealousy.

The fight was fierce between the host snake and the “stranger”. However, it is interesting to note that two male cobras fight each other according to the principle of no use of venom.

The bad result occurs when the cobra king suddenly turned to attack the female snake in front of the rival. The female snake seems to be pregnant with another snake, which is probably what cobra can not tolerate. In a flash, the king cobra bites heavily on the female and injects venom.

This is only one case that a snake beat and swallow its fellow. Python with balls of steel picks fight with deadly king cobra – gets destroyed in seconds in a clip.

In remarkable footage, the bold snake is seen approaching the Cobra from behind – hoping to take it by surprise.

It catches up with its big bro before readying itself for a precision bite.

But within milliseconds of connecting with the body, the cobra spins round and sinks its fangs into the python.

The previously-cocky reptile immediately slithers off into the undergrowth as the deadly venom starts pulsing through its body.

Eyewitnesses at the MacRitchie North Trail nature reserve in Singapore said the seven-foot long constrictor died soon after.

Sheldon Trollope, whose home backs onto the trail, said: “It’s rare to see two apex predators fighting in broad daylight.

In a state of extreme jealousy, the king cobra was unable to contain the fires of fury.

The king cobra also loudly swallowed his wife in his belly, which made many viewers afraid.

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