Being lazy to go to the gym, you’ll embarrass after seeing the puppy


The dog is so cute!

Regularly going to gym may be a difficult thing to do for a lot of people. I mean, who likes to lift heavy weights and smell all sweaty? But hey, people do it and it’s good.

More importantly, there is a lot more to going to the gym than it looks like. For years, scientists have been researching the mental and physical health benefits of working out on a regular basis.

In this post, we are going to discuss health benefits of going to the gym that you might not be aware of. From the obvious physical fitness and muscle building to the more surprising emotional and mental benefits, there are many reasons of going to the gym. Hopefully, this post – and the underlined benefits – will give you a new sense of motivation to keep working out and staying healthy.

1. Weigh control

It’s kind of obvious, but it is so important that we had to include it.

You see, theoretically, if you lose 3,500 calories, you shed 1 lb. So by that estimate, most people, who are either overweight or obese, aim for losing at least 500 calories per day. And if they successfully do it, they can lose 3,500 calories per week, which means 1 lb. every week.

It can be really hard to lose weight, but by regularly going to the gym and working out with a pre-defined goal, it becomes a lot easier. And for most people, who are not happy with the weight they have gained, it’s one of the biggest benefits.

2. Make you more creative

Most of us want to be more creative and inspired in our lives. Be it our personal lives or our jobs, a little bit of creativity is something we all require from time to time.

Research and studies have proven that regularly going to the gym and working out can significantly help us in being more creative. As a matter of fact, a heart-pumping gym session can increase our creativity levels for the next 2 hours.

Moreover, apart from the creativity, regular workouts can also significantly improve our productivity levels. Studies reveal the fact that workers who regularly workout are more productive and have more energy than the others. This is why scientists recommend taking a break every 25-30 minutes and speed-walking for a couple of minutes.

3. Fights against cognitive decline

As you grow older, your body gradually becomes weak. Similarly, your brain also ages and becomes a little hazy. Moreover, degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s start meddling with important brain functions.

Although regularly working out can’t cure Alzheimer’s, but it certainly gives you a distinct advantage once you cross the 45-year-old threshold.

More specifically, if a person works out on a regular basis during the age of 25 to 45, it leads to a boost of certain chemicals the either prevent or delay the degeneration of hippocampus – which is the important part of your brain that is responsible for “learning” and “memories”.

If these benefits still don’t help you more motivations, you may watch the funny video. The puppy imitates like two people who are doing gym. It’s so cute!

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