Cure unbearable pain of getting tattoo by literally eating girlfriend’s tongue, man makes all tattoo artist feel disgusting


Man, can you let the tattoo guy do his job in peace?

Having a tattoo is no longer a symbol of rebellious behavior or something negative in mostly communities. In this year 2018, it becomes more of an artistry thing for youngsters, so no wonder more and more of them pay a lot of money just to have their skin inked. Many people shows their characteristic, dreams or love through pictures on their skin. However, now the problem lies in the process of having a tattoo.

Recently, a video of a young man getting a tattoo has gone viral on the Internet.

Each tattoo artist has their own way to reduce the pain for customer when inking onto their skin. However, this young man seemed to have other idea! In the viral video, when the pain grows unbearable, he pulled his girlfriend down and kiss her. The girl didn’t seem to mind and act upon his will.

His girlfriend acted like this is not the first time.

Well, according to science, his idea is …not wrong. Kissing can naturally alleviate aches and cramps by just dilating our blood vessels. Our brain fires off adrenaline that sends more blood to the “nether regions” for arousal before intercourse, therefore not constricting the blood vessels. Scientist suggests women not to push their sweetheart away when they are not feeling tip-top.

Kissing can naturally alleviate aches and cramps by just dilating our blood vessels.

This stirs arguments on the Internet, over whether it is appropriate to act like that. You can obviously see that the tattoo artist are a little bit affected by their straightforwards action. Clearly, this kind of behavior can affect what they ink on your skin. If you were the tattoo artist, would you feel okay with this?

Many, on the other hands, hope to try this with their girlfriend one day.

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