Do not touch these things in the hotels or you will regret for the rest of your life


Many of us still have the habit of using toiletries in the hotels every time we go on business trips or traveling without knowing how dangerous they are.

Toiletries in the hotel rooms we usually use

In order to save costs, guest houses and hotels owners often use towels, face towels several times and then re-use old towels using chemical bleach that has a serious impact on our health. Towels if not washed regularly, especially when the towel is still wet, the disease is germ is absolutely possible . Having gynecological diseases when using these towels, women are much more likely than men to develop multiple sclerosis because of the invasion of female genital organs.. Sharing towels does not only cause gynecological diseases for women, but men may also be exposed to other infectious diseases if shared towels are not washed and dried.

The towels in hotels are especially dangerous to women

There are other things in the hotel, motels that we should also notice when using:

Remote control: A study has shown that television controls and bed bedside switchs are the two worst things in the hotels, because that’s where most people touch. Understood in detail, that is where large amounts of bacteria are waiting to attack you.

Remote controls are one of the dirtiest things in the hotel room

Glass in the toilet: Fox News has revealed that many sanitation workers have not washed their glass in the toilet with soap before arriving. So, use a bottle of water to rinse your mouth.

Use your bottle of water instead glass in the room

White cotton blanket: It can only be washed when the dirt is easily visible. Do you know what this means? That is, you have been, or will sleep with thousands of stains that you do not know of.

Cotton blanket are not often washed except when visibly dirty

Teapot: An investigator revealed that the sanitation staff did not usually wash the teapot, although it had been used by guests. A hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, has been found using a mild detergent to clean the teapot. Not only that, a video was posted showing that the cleaner used a floor wipe to clean the teapot.

Teapot are not usually cleaned up

Mattress: Bedbugs are everywhere in the hotel. Always check the mattress carefully before you start to sleep on it.

Bedbugs are everywhere on the mattress

Bathroom: The bathroom floor is full of bacteria and many bacteria in the E. coli family, although they have been cleaned regularly.

Bathrooms are not as clean as it looks

Carpets: Carpets in the hotel are full of allergens and unfortunately, daily vacuuming is not enough to clean them. Fluids from the body, mold, food and allergens can hide in the carpet.

Chairs also have lots of traces

Chairs in the room: Hotel staff members on the social network Reddit still say that it is recommended to use clean cloth or clothes to spread on the chair in the hotel room, because many people are sitting on it in the state. “Not cover the body.” And of course the use of the cleaning pads as the hotel staff still do can not clean all the traces on it.

They are sold at very cheap price

Toothbrush – Toothpaste: These are widely sold in many wholesale markets for only 5,000 VND (1/4 USD ) per set. Many people choose to buy this product because it is convenient to carry, not to carry too much. Even so many resorts, hotels or even luxury resorts also use these products because the price is much cheaper when buying wholesale. Although cheap but the origin is very vague: in Thailand or in China.

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