Gifted voices – These kids need to go viral for their talents!


Their voices are out of this world!

With the success of television shows like America’s Got Talent, children from kindergarten to high school are begging for their shot at the pie.

Let’s check these young talents out!

Despacito sound interestingly different with this three boys’ voices.

He is “masoncoutinho” on Instagram.  He’s pretty famous. Watching his performance of Shawn Mendes “I know what you did last summer”, you can easily see why so.

His name is Mason Coutinho. He was born on the 13th of December, 2004, in Australia. He comes from a talented family which grows successful kids. Mason and his brothers have established a channel where they upload their creations and gain a lot of likes, subscribers and followers. Though the channel was opened not so long ago, Mason has released a big number of songs.

This girls is Alie Sherlock. She went viral on the Internet on July for her busking on Grafton Street.

The Corkonian reached over one million people with her cover of Ed Sheeran’s Supermarket Flowers, and became a viral sensation. she has been playing guitar for over three years, spending an hour practising each day.

This little girl turned down Ellen DeGeneres!

However, she says it’s more of a hobby for her, and she’s not interested in pursuing it as a professional career. It’s for this reason, her father Mark says, that she turned down an offer from one of the biggest names in telly: Ellen DeGeneres.

He wants Allie to just enjoy her music without any pressure

ravis Berlin is an Internet sensation, with many famous song cover. His Instagram account is “singlikeaking” if you want to check this young talent out!

The most successful singers start their vocal instruction very early in life. If they are correctly instructed throughout the developmental stages of the vocal cords, the result of the mature vocal cords will be beautiful, healthy, and rewarding.

Let’s hope that we will see more of these talents!

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