Girl turns into Zombie because of weight loss,who said ‘skinny girs are beautiful?


A young girl only drink water to lose weight and turn into Zombie!

The body of this girl is skinny, she looks have no vitality because of onlyeating fruit to lose weight that makes anyone look scared.

Weight is an obsession for many women and sometimes because of the “slim beauty” that many young girls do with a negative diet, only eating fruit and drinking water.

In fact, many girls always feel overweight, and think that they have to lose weight, stop eating.

Too skinny, low body mass index (BMI) leads to health risks due to prolonged lack of nutrients; they always feel weak, tired due to lack of energy. A variety of organs are also affected, such as weak muscles, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, lungs, pancreas …

In addition, the aging process of skinny people is usually faster, affecting fertility and sexuality.

Some girl may only drink water

They also think that is beautiful

And want to show off their body

It harms to their health

It’s doesn’t look beautiful!

Many girls only drink water to be thin but They become disaster

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