Going viral: Man puts dozens of stainless steel bowl to tease his mother, anyone who watches this would have a blast


OMG! Will this ever gonna end??!

For those who do not know, Matryoshka dolls are traditional Russian toys, inside a large doll that can hold up to a dozen smaller dolls. It is dubbed as “never-ending” toy, this doll can be a good entertaining tool, but it can also cause a lot of repression for those who are impatient.

This is the “nesting doll”.

Netizens have improved Matryoshka dolls into “magical stainless steel bowls” in matryoshka style. If recently, your family has been too tired and silent, why not try this to have a blast.

The clip is being widely shared by netizens. After more than an hour posted on Facebook 9GAG, the clip “Teasing mothers with magic bowls” has reached more than 16 thousand shares.

Do you know how many bowls are there in the clip above?

Warning: Before trying this game at home, check whether your family member – the target whether in a good mood or not. Try not to cause a “civil war” just because of some bowls!

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