‘I do not love baby!’ The little girl cries because she doesn’t not want to let her mother has baby


The video show a little girl crying because her mother is going to giving birth.

Having new members are the happiness for everyone. However, sometimes there are girls, the boys are frightened to share the love with baby.

This girl was very sad, cried in the birth room, the reason is because her mother was giving birth.

This girl is on waiting with her father!

She knows that she is going to have a sister or brother!

She don’t want baby

She stared to cry

Her father didn’t know how to handle!

This is a funny sence!

Of being jealous is a normal rite of passage for all firstborns. However, the way you handle it can affect whether your child comes to see his new sibling as a friend or a foe down the road. Our age-by-age guide will help your older child adjust to the new kid in town (and keep his spit to himself).

When having the sister or brother, Here is what happen:

Your child may, at times, have trouble coping with being the sibling of a child with special needs. They may have many different and even conflicting feelings. For example, they may feel:

Worried about their sibling

Jealous of the attention their brother/sister receives

Scared that they will lose their sibling

Angry that no one pays attention to them

Resentful of having to explain, support, and/or take care of their brother/sister

Resentful that they are unable to do things or go places because of their sibling

Embarrassed about their sibling’s differences

Pressure to be or do what their sibling cannot
Guilty for negative feelings they have toward their sibling or guilty for not having the same problems.

When parents tune in to the individual needs of each child in the family, they can help ease the difficulties.

Watch video:

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