Let’s think carefully about getting married after watching these “moments of truth”, should or shouldn’t?


If only men could understood what women lost forever after getting married to love their wife more.

After marrying, women have to face many things. Lucky wives will enjoy more fun from marriage, they have more things than they lost. On the other hand, those who are unlucky in marriage say that they lost a lot. After getting married and giving birth, not few women feel sad when remember their single life in the past. In general, almost women lost many things. One of them is beauty, which is symbolized by this funny clip.

There is a dramatic change after the wedding.

In this funny clip, husbands capturing the nice images of their wedding or their wife before getting married. However, after that they recording her present image. It can be clearly seen that the wives has changes a lot after they getting married. It seems that they are no longer as beautiful as they are single.

In what way can I come back to my single life?

The truth will be always the truth.

“I wish that I were as beautiful as in the past”

Watch video:

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