Little baby girl “acting”, pretends her hand is stucked and waits for help


Her reaction changesd so quickly, which makes the viewers can’t stop laughing.

Watch video:

The baby girl put her hand in a jar and her face look like she was very hurt and about to burst into tears. An adult saw and came to help, pulled her hand out very easy. Then the baby started laughing, she was interested in this and continued to repeat this action..

This video, uploaded on Facebook by a Spanish, was attracted 3 millions views, 93.000 shares with many compliment comment about her cuteness. Facebook Abriella Herrera wrote: ” Can’t stop laughing. At first i thought she was very hurt, turn out it just a play. You will be a famous actress in future”.

Member Madai Cuellar said: “Oh my god, so thrilling. Your face looks so cute. You are such a talented actress”. And Facebook Nguyen Ha wrote: “Same with my baby, really like this joke. But in this case, parents also should be careful with that jar, if she grows a little bit more, she will really get stuck easily”.


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