Melt with smart dog`s act of protecting baby when the parent pretends to hit her


Dogs are the best friends of humans, they are not only pets but also loyal friends, good brothers of children when kids get dangerous situations that parents have no side.

Watching interview:

Recently, a clip captures the lovely moments of dogs seen as pets at home as they try to protect the child from owner’s violent acts (of course, this owner just pretend to hit the baby).

As soon as the owner is ready to strike, the dog immediately prevent, barking constantly and shielding the child..

Whenever the child screams, the dog will appears as a brave brother, using his legs, his muzzle and head, even hugging the child to stop the violent hands of anyone

Even being father, mother of baby, the dog also don’t want make hurt the kids

A well-fed dog in a good family will always regard it as his/ her real family, playing with the kids, even young children will be naughty, grab the tail, pinching cheeks, make dogs hurt , and so on. In many countries, parents train dogs to grow up with their baby as a real friend

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