Moving moment: Despite being sleepy, this little puppy still tried to be the guardian of the baby’s dreams


No matter what happened, even when this dog was too sleepy to stand still. He struggled to protect for this baby’s sleep.

Dogs is well-known for their faith and loyalty. Moreover, dogs are considered to be emotional to their owners, especially little ones..

Just like this dog in this video below, as we could see, he was bearing the sleepiness, but to him, the sleep of the baby was much more important.

So he tried to stay awake to keep his litte boss safe. So adorable but moving at the time, right ?

This ‘unexpected’ babysitter became a ‘superstar’ online after this clip was posted online. Everyone admired his love for the family members and paid him a lot of compliments.

Some left some comments such as:

“OMG, i need a puppy like this one. Well, my dog was so mischivivous and, you know, he makes messes everywhen i’m not at home”

‘I’m so sleepy, but i have to protect my little hooman’ 

“This dog is definitely a babysitter that every families need.”

“Look how he tried to stand still, he was so sleepy, how cute !”

Watching video: 

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