Not every animal is cute as they seem!


Be careful with these creatures. They are more dangerous than you could imagine.

How destructive would humans be if they were attacked by these animals? The lion is called the lord of the cat family, known for its excellent prowess and a strong jaw to hunt off prey. What if one day we had to face directly the wildlife?

The parrot immediately attacks the girl after the photo

This bird just wants to be alone 

Animal bites can only cause a small mark on the human skin or a minor incision. However, do not belittle that all animal bites can lead to serious problems, even if they are close to animals. Therefore, we need to know how to deal with animal bites.

The dog wants to play with the baby too

“Your nose looks weird. Let me try it”

Bite marks can be bites of dogs, cats, domestic animals or wild animals (foxes, mink, rat, bat …). Before first aid the bite, gently reassure the victim to avoid panic. It is essential to first aid the bite treatment as soon as possible to reduce the risk of infection. The most important thing to do first is to wash the wound with water or soap to prevent infection. If the wound is bleeding, hold the wound tight and elevate the bite position. Contact a medical center for immediate medical attention.

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