Obsessed with the scene the dog bursted into tears, stretched legs out to beg the girl before being slaughtered


The 40-second clip made many people unable to hold their tears.

Watching video:

Many countries around the world do not eat dog meat, especially in Western countries because they treat dogs as a friend, the dog is like a special thing that is indispensable in life. However, some countries still maintain the habit of eating dog meat with the notion that eating dog meat is to eliminate the unlucky things. And if anyone hates eating dog meat, they will be extremely angry after watching this clip.

Many people who love dogs, raise dogs and often communicate with dogs will find that dog is the conscious animal. It can not say, just can bark but it can understand the content human beings want to communicate. This is proven by the fact that if we raise, care for dogs for a long time and know how to teach them, the dogs will be possible to do what we want. It can also express emotions on the face besides acting.

Looking at the pitiful expression of the dog locked in this cage, the viewer felt indignant. The clip was recorded at a dog slaughterhouse where frightened dogs were kept in cages until they were slaughtered. Just because of wanting to make money or wanting to eat dog meat, many people caught dogs and bought dogs to slaughter. When being locked in a cage and looking at their friends in such a situation, poor dogs were clearly aware that they were about to be slaughtered. When they saw the catcher approaching them, poor dogs bursted into tears, stretched legs out to beg. Looking at this scene, the viewers could not hold their tears.

This poor dog stretched legs out to beg before being slaughtered

When the girl approached, the dog used his best to cling to beg

This poor dog bursted into tears

Surely many people having the dog meat eating habit after watching this clip will have to ponder.

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