Poor family condition, mother spent the whole meat dish to her daughter, but the daughter’s behavior made people burst into tears


Being daughter/son, filial piety is the priority. A lot of adults are busy with working so, they haven’t completed their filial duty. However, the little girl knew how to care about her mother by her small behavior.

The house is shady and deprived, the meal of the mother and daughter contains only little noodles and some pieces of meats which were left from the previous meal. The mother doesn’t dare to eat but spend the whole meat dish to her little daughter. Mother wishes that her daughter will grow up, be healthy and succeed in studying…

However, the little ethnic girl has a surprise behavior. While the mother was doing other things, she picked up all pieces of meat from her bowl into the mother’s bowl.

She mixed the noodles up so that her mother couldn’t find out then she ate her noodle. After finishing her meal, she said goodbye to her mother and went to school.

Only when the mother ate did she realize that her daughter had spent the meat dish to her. The girl is little but she is really care about her mother’s feelings. Being parents, there is nothing better than that their children are healthy, kind and thoughtful.

Watch the video to empathize with the girl’s piety

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