Poor man was neglected as asking for beautiful girl’s phone number, but when he showed off his luxury car, she changed attitude dramatically


Apperance can’t determine the value of human beings.

Watching video:

Today, people tend to appreciate material values and seem to neglect precious moral. Therefore, sometimes they can recieve unexpected results. The situation in the video is a typical example. In the video, the billionaire pretended to be a poor man and tried the beautiful girl. As an expected result, the girl totally neglected him. After the video was posted on the social network, it has been received different opinions . If you were the girl in the clip, how would you behave??

The billionaire worn like a poor man to check the girl 

The girl was so beautiful with a sexy body. He got acquainted and ask for her number

However, she neglected him completely and didn’t want to answer his questions

But when he prepared to drive a luxury car,….

…. she changed attitude dramatically

…. she changed attitude dramatically

He even cheated that the shovel was made from gold, and she believed totally 

She slapped him when knowing the truth

And finally, he left and the beautiful girl received unexpected treatment

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