Pushing sleeping friend into lake prank


Perhaps this sleeping man can not forget this memorable experience.

There are many types of pranks around the world. If you call your friend and say that you are the police, it is called a phone call prank. Some pranks could be mean and even dangerous, while other pranks are quite silly. Some people have prank on their friends, while other people prank people they does not like. Some people never outgrow the need to pull a good prank..

Prank is becoming increasingly popular, especially with young people. Funny clips are recorded that make the viewers and performers extremely excited. However, to the ‘victims’ will certainly get angry like this guy..

The sleeping man does not know that he is moving into the lake. 

And he continues to sleep until the sunrise.    

He realizes that he is on the lake. 

He begins to get angry. 

And he tries to save himself. 

And he falls down into the lake. 

Watching video: 

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