Putting leeches on face to treat acne: The bizarre trend to beautify of women


Instead of using creams or masks, a woman in China comes up with a method with leeching her face to treat acne.

Leeches are frightening and blood-sucking to live up to their horrific horror, but a beauty center in China uses leeches as a beauty treat for woman owning desire to have a beauty skin.

The staff put leeches on her face

And let them suck her blood for more healthier skin

The clip shared on China’s QQ social network shows that the form of “beauty” makes many people shiver at a beauty center in China.

It is said not to leave any complication for the customer

In this clip, the staff of the beauty salon dropped the leeches on the face of a female customer, which according to them is to leech all the pimples on the client’s face, to help her to get beautiful skin.

Cosmetic experts say this is a beauty therapy that dates back thousands of years and does not leave any complications. They also assert that the skin will become smooth and the wrinkles of age will be removed when doing this beauty treatment.

“No side effects or complications, all of it for a natural beauty.” a salon staff said in the clip.

Leeches can be used in medicine, particularly in helping to improve blood circulation in the tissues or areas of poor circulation, but there is potential for infection or bleeding. Leeches can also be used as medicine in Oriental medicine.

But scientists say there is no evidence that leeches are effective in … taking acne or skin beauty.

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