Rescue 3 children in the flood who hold each other tightly and do not let anyone go


“Mother Nature” – the mother not only produce us, but always loves, nurtures and protects us. However, the human beings are often ungrateful and make mother nature angry.

Recently, a clip recorded the scene three children stuck in the flood attracting the attention from netizens. In the strong flood, three of them try to hug each other, do not let anyone go. The viewers can not hold their tears. The disaster is extremely horrible which can take all the things we have, even take people’s life..

The image of three children hug each other in the flood shows the precious love of family in the soul of the child, as well as a warning to human beings. Do not treat nature badly, otherwise you and your children will be punished by the mother nature.

We are probably familiar with the image of the terrible damage that natural disasters cause. 

Not only physical damage, human life is seriously threatened. 

The image of three children in the flood.

They are hugging each other tightly and waiting for help. 

Adults are trying to save them. 

The flood was so horrible. 

Watching video: 

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