Seeing the boy walking lonely in the rain, a kind couple covered him with an umbrella


Netizens have shared recently a beautiful and emotional moment. When driving on the bridge, the couple saw a boy walking lonely in the rain, so immediately covered him with an umbrella.

Watching video:

In this modern life, sometimes we suddenly catch the beautiful moments which make everyone emotional.

The video recorded the kindness of a couple in the rain.. While they were driving on the bridge, saw a boy with the soaking wet clothes taking his bike on the bridge. Looking at this pitiful scene, they did not hesitate to use the only umbrella to cover him.

After posted on social network, the video gave many positive comments from netizens. Some of them supposed that this couple is the boy’s parent.

This video reminded everyone of the picture made people impassioned three years ago.

The picture of a Chinese father who was soaking wet to cover his son with umbrella. Despite the heavy rain, one hand carried a bag of food and another still shielded his child.

Just a simple action, but this moment showed the limitless love of father to the children, which made everyone burst into tears.

An account on social network named Dayanah shared that :” The picture reminds me of childhood when going to the supermarket with father, but unfortunately, he passed away and left me forever alone in this tough life. Parent are always the best people. Treat them well whenever you can please.”

Another account told: “Covering children with umbrella does not show the family love, but also is the thoughtful lesson for children, sharing and helping are the most admirable actions in life”.

Let’s take a look some pictures of family love

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