Terrified moment when a cliff collapsed right in the front of the drivers


Drivers were panicked while travelling on the road, suddenly the cliff collapsed in front of them.

It’s very dangerous when living in high mountainous areas, especially in rainy and flood seasons..

Previously eroded rocks, together with strong effect of heavy rainwater, the risk of erosion is extremely high..

This short video below recorded by a cellphone, describing an horror moment when a cliff collasped on a relatively busy road.

Imagine that: One beautiful day, you’re driving on your beloved road, and suddenly, a huge rock fell right down your way. You just had a narrow escape from the death.

As we could see, there were screams and panic everywhere. This is when mama nature gets angry, nothing can stop her, right ?

So, after all, please be careful when you go on moutain-covering roads, especially in rain and flood seasons !

Watching video:

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