The moment you expect a romantic proposal but accidents happening ruin everything


Even we always expect the romantic proposals, unfortunately, things do not always go as we want. Proposals don’t always go as planned.

We’re all for romance. Watching two people in love get engaged is adorable. It warms our hearts, quite frankly.

Unfortunately, proposals don’t always go as planned. Sometimes people get rejected, and it’s gut-wrenching to watch. It makes us wonder why people do this kind of thing in public.

In this case, the way this girl say”No” is a little bit violent.

Hope he’s alright after this fail proposal.

Even this girl kneed down and proposed on television in front of thousands of people, but the man after hearing the proposal quietly run away. Poor her!

Or just because of some objective reasons such as weather.

Proposal on the beach is the most beautiful proposal ever

but be sure to check the weather before planning in this place or you will be drifted along with water like this couple.

Sometimes, because couples are too worried, they accidentally dropped engagement rings.

This idea seemed sweet. The man decided to pop the question at the very park they went to on their first date. Furthermore, to recreate that first date, he got a heart-shaped balloon.

The problem is he tie the ring to the balloon and his girlfriend seems so touched and lets go of the balloon which promptly flies away and our suitor immediately starts yelling and chasing down the balloon. Why? Because it has the ring on it.

Another reason might be you are so surprised and shocked when being proposed that you can faint immediately before say “Yes”.

Whatever reason is, it is poor ending for proposals.

Pro-tip: don’t pop the question in a very public place unless you’re super sure the other person is going to say “yes!” For your sake—for everyone’s sake—here are proposal fails that will have you wanting to look away.

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