The oldest conjoined twins in the world, now they are nearly 70 years old but they still live healthy and inseparable


The longest-lived twins in the world were named by Guiness.

The Oldest Conjoined Twins in the world – Ronnie and Donnie Galyon. They were born in 1951. They were considered as the oldest living conjoined twins by the Guinness in 2009, and they became the longest-lived conjoined twins in history in 2014.

The boys were exhibited in sideshows throughout the US and later in Latin America. Their tours made them celebrities and provided an earnings with support from their family.. In 1991, after three decades in entertainment, the wins retired and moved into their first independent home in Dayton, Ohio.

They are considered as the longest-lived conjoined twins in the world .   

They are very active in the society. 

Ronnie and Donnie Galyon when they were children. 

And when they were teenagers. 

They live independent in their house now. 

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