This dog’s barks sounds like a rapper – so cool !


This dog will absolutely surprise you through his unbelievable talent of … rapping ?

Your pets sometimes create strange sounds which are heard as if they’re sharing the same language with us. They’re so adorable that even when they made a mess, we could barely get angry with them.

Touch my food and i’ll DISS you ! 

Or when they try to pretend to be fierce, like this dog in the clip, we could not be scared. But, ‘was my dog’s bark like a rapper ?”

The video was nothing special, but thanks to the dog’s funny reaction and the title ‘like a rapper’, that it became so viral and attracted attention.

Netizens were interested in this video, they left comments like:

“Plot twist : the dog is actually a real rapper !”

“did your dog also serve 30 years in jail, he looks like a real gangster !”

“I believe that he’s the lead of the neighborhood team !”

These kinds of video went viral too. Cats said ‘no, no,no’ or had strange sounds like they were trying to communicate with human.

No ! No ! No ! I don’t want to take a bath !” 

As animal lovers, we all know that our pets are deserved to have a home which is full of love and care. Everychild should have a puppy or a kitty as his/her best childhood’s friend. When we’re getting older, out pets are always there to support us and make us feel less lonely.

Needless to say, we need them more than they need us !

Watching video: 

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