Thought the boy drowned, the elephant rushed into the river to save him


The cute elephant cub getting away from its herd to help a man, even though the man doesn’t require much rescuing.

The bond between humans and wild animals may seem conflicting but sometimes we come across heart-warming situations hat suggest otherwise.

The elephant rushed out to save the “drowning” boy

The video of the social network fever shows a lovely elephant separated from herd to save the boy, despite the fact that this guy does not need to be rescued.

The elephant has done a good job

The baby elephant named Kham Lha is eating grass along the river with elephants to see him Darrick – his best friend – is in the river. Thinking he was drowned, the elephant rushed to save him, but the video showed Darrick was only swimming in the river.

The most touching moment of the day

However, the moment Kham Lha comes and uses Darrick taps will really make your heart melt.

The video shows Darrick saying more affectionately to Kham Lha and the two hugging each other happily. The elephant lives in the National Elephant National Park of Thailand, home to elephants rescued from the tourism industry and other trading activities.

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