Touching video a lost Shitzu dog waiting for his owner every single day


A Shitzu dog was abandoned by his owner on the street and every day he still waits its owner that melts all people’s heart.

In this video, there is a dog waiting for someome in Seoul. Look at this adorable small dog! He appears so poor when feeling abandoned on the street and he is looking forward to waiting for his owner to return his familly.

Temporary guardian said that she found him outside and brought him because he seemed dangerous to move around alone. The she took him inside. However he went out the door again and was thinking about whether his family came. He ran out and checked whenever the car stopped.

Even he was wandering around the neighborhood to gind his family. He smelt everywhere with a view to feeling his owner’s appearance. Especially when seeing other dogs with their family, he kept looking at them. As if he was getting flashbacks of his ex-owner, he could not take his eyes off them.

Perhaps being tired of looking for his owner for a long time, he was not healthy. Therefore, the tempoary guardian took him visit veterinarian. He said that she had examined several causes, but his illness had no medical cause. It was caused by extreme stress.

People who watched this video said that it seemed to be a kind hearted and dog loving person! If they were living in Korea, they would adopt him in a heartbeat! Please do not leave that adorable baby to roam the streets alone. He needs a loving home and if his owners do not cone back for him…please do adopt him and take good care of him! He is such a darling! Poor baby!

Nowadays, in South Korea more than 90.000 are abandoned annually. These dogs are waiting for and remembering 90.000 animals. People should protect them like this young girl instead of abandoning them.

Watching video:

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