Warning parents not to let children in apartment building alone, maybe lost your children in a flash


Video recorded the scene of a boy more than 1 year old at home with his mother at the apartment on the 8th floor. Watching clip made everyone scared.

Watch video here:

While the mother did not notice, the boy innocently climbed to the play at window.

The little boy climbed up the window was unlock at 8th floor of the building.

At first, a boy just raised one leg out of the window

Then stepping both feet out the window sill with no fear.

He moved all his body out of the window excitedly make anyone who see this feel heart-broken

Therefore, depending on the needs of each household, parents need to consider whether to fit safety net on the balcony and windows or not.

Parents at home should pay more attention to their childrens, especially young children who are hyperactive.

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