What happens when boiling Coca-Cola will make you unable to believe in your eyes


Have you ever wondered how much sugar you have taken in with a cup of coke? If not then take a look at the video below, the answer to make yourself startled!

In the midst of modern society, as more and more people become addicted to fast food, it seems that fizzy drinks are becoming our “close friends” in every meals. So when you put the can of beverage into your mouth, do you ever wonder what it contains and how much sugar it has?

Take a look at the experiment video below, and you will probably understand why so many people conclude that carbonated drinks are bad for health

He pour Coke into the pan

Then stir evenly for 15 minutes

The man boiled Coca-Cola to indicate the actual sugar contained in the carbonated soft drink. After the Coca-Cola was boiled for 15 minutes, the drink became a colloidal syrup. The drink is left with a thick, sticky substance similar to caramel.

The liquid has become sticky mixture with lots of sugar

The amount of Coca-Cola syrup is so little that no one can hardly believe that sugar in a bottle of fresh water is so great. It also means that when you drink a bottle of Coca-Cola you eat up a large amount of sugar.

In fact, when we drink too much carbonated drink, we will be affected immediately. It is known that in every 100ml of Coca contains 10,6g sugar, so that means that in 375ml of Coca contains up to 39,75g sugar, equivalent to 13 teaspoons of sugar.

The man took 10 cans of Coca-Cola 355 ml daily for a month to see how it would affect him. As a result, after a month, his blood pressure increased to 145/96. This is a number worth pondering when people are about to take a few sips of Coca.

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