You probably have never heard the song ‘Happy Birthday’ like this


” Happy Birthday” is performed by two birds- it is the most special version.

On birthday, the happiest moment is to sit next to friends, relatives and to sing happy birthday song, to blow candles and to cut cream cake, receive the gift. But also many people are always headache to think of finding the best wishes, the most meaningful birthday gift to send to friends. You want your wishes, your gift is so unique and strange that the recipient will always remember you, as well as bringing joy to the recipient.

Birds are cared for carefully

The technique of raising birds is growing and spreading, thanks to desire to hear the twitter

” Happy birthday” – special version

The technique of raising birds is growing and spreading, thanks to desire to hear the twitter. The bird in the video has made netizens eye-candy when 2 birds sing ” Happy Birthday”. Also, the voice of the two birds is very high and high, just like someone is whistling. If one day, or in the birthday, there is a bird singing the song to you, you will be touched.

Mishka ‘speak’ is extremely eerie

Not too long ago, people were surprised that the dog could say “I love you”. She may not quite be at the stage of holding a conversation, but as far as mimicry goes, watching Mishka ‘speak’ is extremely eerie. The nine-year-old canine, who lives with her proud owner Matt Gardea in the U.S., is proving an Internet sensation.A YouTube video of Mishka talking – on her own YouTube channel, of course – has attracted 59million viewings since it was first posted in May last year. She has also recorded her own song, Mishka’s Ballad, albeit with the help of auto-tune. The talking dog is so popular that has even been hired by advertisers to promote their wares.

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