$20 for 10ml of sperm: the newest bizarre facial mask is on the trend!


Sperm is believed to have high nutritional value. However, there is no official document claim the effectiveness of this unique facial mask

Will our skin be improved after using this “super special” mask?

For these nutrients to work properly, it has to gone through a highly-filtered process. In fact, the survival time of sperm after contacting with air is only about 30 minutes, and then it begins to decay.

Therefore, to maintain their live, sperm must be kept under minus 196 degrees cold nitrogen. Therefore, it is impossible to apply sperm directly on your skin.

In the world there are many products using castle sperm are being promoted and widely used. But there is no existence of products using human ones. According to many medical experts, the beauty effect of human sperm did really exist but ones must use it wisely and carefully.

Women should not put these products directly on their faces because product which related to health before they are put out to public use, it is a must that clinical tests are performed.

Unfortunately, many women in the world have ignored these basic rules and understandings. Then they directly apply it on their faces despite harmful results.

It is important to note, as with all beauty products and treatments, that there are limitations and risks to health.

The biggest risk is infection diseases such as HIV, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, C … So as to avoid this risk one must selectively choose the giver , it is best to understand and control the health of the donor.

The second risk is allergy when you use it.

The third one is that the effect you receive is not worth the money and effort you spend. This may be because you meet unprofessional practitioners, use fake products or simply because the other products do not work as advertised.

Does this product really work?

However, one expert on this issue said that in fact the world has made many researches on this field. But the test is conducted only by some specialists or clinics without any official announcement.

In the world, people even drink it in the name of beauty. The number of giver is now increasing as this is a fast and easy way to make money.

In the vaginal environment, life expectancy of sperm is up to 5 days, and naturally, after 30 minutes they begin to lose their effect. As a result, it is not only have no effect but also users will face the risk of allergies, especially with sensitive skin.

According to cosmetic experts, to limit the risk of harm to health, people using the method should note two main issues.

If you want to use sperm which is sell on the market, ones must carefully consider the origin of products. It is best to only buy and use products that comes from company which is authorized by the authorities.

If you use fresh produce directly, make sure the man is perfectly healthy, there is no risk of hepatitis, other infections, hepatitis B, C.

Helen Gurley Brown, editor-in-chief of the popular Cosmopolitan magazine, who has been nicknamed super-big-fan of this facial masking techniques, says that although it is relatively new and not well-researched, the effective is still noticable. If ones have well understanding to use these products in a scientific way, it may bring about many benefits for beauty.

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