Animals seem to “enter” the boy’s body, he can imitate all sounds of animal


His performance of imitating animal’s sounds make a lot of people surprised and admired.

Imitating animal’s sound is not easy as some people can only imitate sound of some animals like dogs, cats or ducks… however sounds of other animals are not easy to mimic.

To mimic animals’ sounds, people have to observe or at least be close to that kind of animal, hence he/she can be familiar with the sound that animals make.

It is not too strange that children growing up in countryside can do it better, because they hear the sound directly and look the real animals. Moreover, listening the animals’ sounds can create the perception of that sound for human, then people are likely to imitate the sound based on what they are familiar with.

The video of the little surprised a lot of netizens because he could imitate a lot of animals’ sounds like the real sounds.

He imitated the sound of dogs, cats and cows like these animals “entered” his mind.

The little boy continued the sounds of whales, horses, parrots and burst into laugh when “audiences” paid him compliments.

Regardless of hearing the sound made by the boy, these animals were certainly tricked because the mimic sound is like the real one made by animals.

Besides animals’ sounds, the boy could imitate other kinds of sounds such as crying baby’s sound along with his impressive facial expression.

Just only by changing his mouth’s shape, the boy can make any kinds of sounds which surprised people.

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