Enjoy with the baby’s laughter, which made the listener forget the sadness


Laughter is the best medicine

Genuine laughter is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. It makes the person laughing feel alive and liberated, and those surrounding the noise are filled with joy. Laughing really is the best medicine.

Hearty, humorous laughter benefits the body in many ways. It can:

Offer pain relief

Studies have proven that the effects of endorphins (morphine-like chemicals) can create ‘natural highs’ that raise the natural pain threshold. Released from the pituitary gland in the brain, these laughter-caused endorphins offer protection against some pains and stimulate a ‘feel good’ feeling. This effectively slows down the rate in which pain is felt.

For example, Dr Margaret Stuber, a psychiatrist at the University of California, conducted a study in which healthy children were asked to submerge their hands in icy water for as long as possible. When combined with the watching of a funny video, the children were able to submerge their hands for 40% longer. The findings suggest that humorous distraction could be used in clinical settings to help children better handle painful procedures. The group demonstrated significantly greater pain tolerance.

Alleviate stress & depression

Laughter involves a number of body systems: respiratory, muscular, circulatory, and gastrointestinal. When we laugh, these body systems get a good workout – breathing becomes more rapid, blood pressure is elevated, and muscles are tightened. As laughter subsides, breathing slows and deepens, becomes more regular, and the heart rate, pulse, muscles and blood pressure temporarily return to below their resting levels. Essentially, system dysfunctions that cause stress are mediated by laughter.

A research study led by L Fonzi et al. shows that laughter can improve mood and offers help in counteracting symptoms of depression. Laughter is able to moderate negative consequences of stressful events on psychological well-being and the favourable effects of laughter on social relationships and physical health may have a role in influencing the ability of depressed patients to face the disease.

Aid with sleep

A good laugh before bed reduces the feelings of anxiety and promotes deep, restful sleep, which is an essential part of the healing process. As well as reducing anxiety, which can keep you awake at night, laughing offers a mild aerobic workout that can lead to richer sleep.

The innocent actions and laughter of the children will certainly make you happy. The sorrow will disappear and the joyfulness will come to you after you watch the clip.

Being with the baby and watching the fun activities of the children will help our lives become more wonderful than ever. Enjoy the wonderful moments with your baby.

Watching video:

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