Heart touching video marine meets newborn son for the first time


All people must burst into tears when watching this extremely touching video.

Perhaps parental affection with their children can not be compared with anything in this life. They are people that always are willing to dedicate their life to raising children until they are mature.

In this video, you will feel father’s affection with his newborn son. However what makes this story special is this is the first time that this dad meets his newborn son. This marine returned home from a six month deployment to meet his newborn son for the first time. After running towards his wife and child, he took his son into his arms and tearfully greeted the rest of his family.

This man can not stop crying because of happiness after a long time. It was likely that any father will be like this man when meeting their newborn son. It can be supposed that anyone will feel so much emotional when witnessing the touching moment which this father hugged his newborn son into his arms after a long time.

People who watched this video said that that was the most beautiful moment they have ever witnessed.

In conlusion, nothing can be compared with parental affection with their children. Therefore, we should treat them well when they become old. Especially, we will receive our children’s behavior like the way we treated our parents.

Watching video:

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