Ignoring to be mocked because of her 28-year-old husband, 78-year-old grandma shows off happy life with the seven-month fetus


After a year of marrying her young husband, the Indonesian great woman makes everyone amazing on saying she was pregnant.

Manih, 78, married Ade Irawan, 28, in Mekarsari village, Cileungsi District, West Java Province in September 2017. The wedding is not luxurious but attracts the attention of people around and is spread on social networks. Many curious people have come to see this strange event.

Earlier, the groom Ade used to marry the same age woman but the marriage quickly broke to pieces because Ade felt the great economic pressure. ‘The second marriage is God’s intention. I love my wife, ‘Ade said simply about the reason for marrying a 78-year-old woman. Mrs. Manih has been married twice but never had children.

In June, this couple again shocked everyone around when they announced they were about to have children. Ade said that he knew the news when his wife came to see the midwife because sometimes she felt tired. ‘I took my wife to the clinic on June 11 and they said my wife was three months pregnant,’ he shared.

He said his wife has examined three times and been pregnant until 7 months.

However, many people doubt that women at the age of Manih can not become pregnant because women in their 50s are usually menopausal, so they are not fertile.

However, some American researchers have revealed that women over 40 are still likely to become pregnant. Dr. Jamie Grifo, director of the New York University Medical Center, has helped many women conceive in their 40s or even 50s. In May of 2016, an Indian woman who gave birth to a baby in her 70s was considered the oldest mother in the world.

It is reported that some sources of news say that Manih’s abdomen may be caused by slack skin in older women or problems with digestion.

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