It is strange a 100-year-old tree flowing water like stream constantly for 25 years


Growing in the middle of the grass, this unique tree has been flowing like a spray nozzle while it is sunny for several decades.

This unique natural phenomenon occurs in a village called Dinoša, located in the southeastern part of Montenegro. This is a small country on the Adriatic coast.

The video shows that, at a tree stump, flowing torrents like nozzles from the trunk. This strange phenomenon especially attracts curious tourists.

This strange phenomenon has occurred in at least 25 years, and ancient trees are estimated to be up to 100 years old.

The mystery of this phenomenon is quite simple, experts say that heavy rain causes the groundwater to flood, creating pressure on the trees through cracks and holes that cause the water to flush out. Thus, after every heavy rain, old trees in the grassland turned into a “reluctant” nozzle.

Water spray from a well in the village of Tuhala in Estonia

Although the sprinkler in Montenegro has only one, it is not the only phenomenon of water spraying off the ground after the rain. The Tuhala village in Estonia also appears a well of water after heavy rains.

They call it the Well of the Witch

Let’s watch video:

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