Period prank on boyfriend!!! This girl sees how much her boyfriend loves her!


And then, he said “I don’t care about the bed, I’m worried about you.”

Not too long ago, a kid on the internet had everyone scratching their heads when he suggested that women should learn to control their periods. Today, we have a massive amount of period pranks because girls want to see how their boyfriends react towards period.

So let’s see how this girl do it and the reaction of her boyfriend!

First, she bought fake blood and pour it onto her crotch to fake a period.

Then she went back to the bed, pretending that she was asleep next to him.

And the prank began when her boy friend woke up, gentle telling her it’s time to wake up.

Then, he immediately saw the fake blood stain on her pant and the bed. This man obviously jumped back in terror, rushing open her legs to check if that was blood and why there was so much blood than normal.

Confused by her explanation, he decided that she needed shower first, then they’ll come to the doctor.

But the sweetest thing is, when they notice that there was blood satin on the bed, too, she apologized to him. Guess what he replied? He said “I don’t care about the bed, I’m worried about you.”

And then he carried her to the shower, cause she said that her stomach hurt. And that’s when she stopped her prank and told him everything.

What a sweet, caring guy, isn’t he?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s having a worse time at the hand of evil menstruation – women, or men. Many have been calling for period normalization. It’s time to make periods normal and take a lesson from the young vloggers who are busy shouting about their monthly cycles online.

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