Pretending to pee on the bed, the girl knows just how much her boyfriend loves her


The result will surprise more than you think.

Couples in love spend lots of time, affection as well as share lots of memories with each other. However, sometimes, it is unavoidable to have arguments, even serious fights.

She poured the water on her pants and the bed

Then surprised his boyfriend with her setup

This girl in the video below has made up a bizarre way to test her boyfriend love: Pretending to pee on their bed! She took some warm water and pour into her pants then lay next to her sleeping.

He didn’t got mad at all

She was so touched at his action

Then she woke him up and acted like she made a big mistake. And his reaction is priceless: He checked if she was okay and cleaned it up for her. She was moved at his action and finally told him it was just prank. The guy didn’t got mad at all. And yes, his love is proved.

The video clip has grabbed many comments and shares from the netizens.

“The fact that he helped her instead of cussing her out like any other couple shows that he really cares for her and she deserves someone like him for the rest of her life” – Curtis said.

“A real man take care of his girl”- Williams commented.

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