Stop texting while walking. Using cell phone while walking can take your life


Watch out! You can be in danger if you continue texting while walking

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In modern life with the development of modern technology, human have had many useful inventions that make our life more convenient. One of these great inventions we have to mention is cell phone. It is undeniable that cell phone has brought uncountable advantages to human. It is considered as a breakthrough in technology development that improves the quality of life. Despite of a variety of benefits, the cutting-edged device still has many negative impacts on human life. Due to its convenience, people are likely to depend on cell phone. They are sticky to the cellphone everywhere everytime. Even they use it to text messages while walking or driving, which is very dangerous and can cause pitiful accidents..

The woman were texting while walking without caring anything around her

Without attention, she rushed to the opposite person 

A person fell down to the pool because he completely focused on the phone

A man fell down the stairs due to paying his attention to the phone without concerning other things 

A woman had a dangerous accident in the road because of texting while walking 

The police were called to rescue her

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