Terrified man narrowly avoids becoming lunch after pulling huge alligator’s tail for a ‘cool photo’


This is the terrifying moment a huge alligator turns on a man who tried to yank it out of the water by its tail.

The man, from somewhere in the US, crouches down by a lake and grabs a hold of the reptile while his friend films it.

As he pulls the alligator’s tail, it quickly spins around and pounces at him, snapping its jaws just inches from where he was hunched over.

The man gets up and runs away as fast as he can, before telling his friend: ‘Have you ever seen a fat guy run that fast?’

It’s not clear why the pair were antagonizing the animal, but when the man had a grip of its tail, the cameraman said: ‘It’s going to make a cool screenshot.’

Ironically, the man filming also told his foolish friend: ‘I’ll tell you if he bites you, don’t worry.’

t’s not clear why he was antagonising the animal, but at one point his friend said: ‘It’s going to make a cool screenshot’

But as the beast turned and actually tried to bite him, the cameraman couldn’t get his words out because he was laughing so much.

Fully grown male alligators like the one in the video weigh over 450kg.

Although they have heavy bodies and slow metabolism, they are capable of short bursts of speed, especially in very short lunges.

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