The billionaire pretended to be a homeless man, had the restaurant receptionist’s heart tested and received the unexpected treatment


Don’t judge a book by its cover

Recently, a video which was posted on social networks has caused controversy. In the video, a wealthy man pretended to wear clothes like a homeless person to try the restaurant receptionist. As expected, the restaurant receptionist had bad behavior towards the homeless. Many people after watching this video are angry at the attitude of the receptionist. Others agreed with the receptionist because he had done his part. What opinion do you support??

Watch video:

To test human heart

…this man was dressed as if he were homeless

He went to a fine restaurant and challenged the restaurant’s receptionist

When seeing him, the receptionist immediately did not let him come into the restaurant and asked him to leave

About 20 minutes later, the man changed his outfit and returned to the restaurant

At that time, the receptionist had a completely different attitude

He was very happy to see this wealthy man intending to enter the restaurant

The man expressed anger and revealed to the receptionist that the homeless man who had been dislodged from the restaurant was him

The receptionist felt sorry for his misbehavior

When this man leaves, the receptionist chases after him in hopes of changing his mind

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