The journey to rescue 13 kid soccers in Thailand, the small slits are just enough to one person to pass; too hard!


The whole world should well know about the difficulty of approaching the soccer kids and the trainers during the rescue

Watching Video

In recent days, netizens have spread the impressive image of the drivers during the rescue process of ThaiLand kid soccer team who stranded in a deep cave.

The viewer seems to hold their breath before the rescue team and the children’s difficulties had to go through to get out of the cave, one of the seven drivers said: ‘It’s a dangerous journey, even for the  most experienced diver‘ and in order to achieve success, most of the time they work in silence and in darkness, just depend on instinct.

The cave is not only deep and dark but also have many other dangers that ordinary people can’t overcome. And in order to bring the kid soccers and coach out of the cave safely., the drivers must offer some rescue methods, such as: teaching these children to diving, drilling moutain for finding the exit or supplying of necessities.

They even have to dive deep, crawl through the mud and obstacles, some slits is too small, it’s enough for one person

The rescue process is still ongoing, even a driver sacrificed, but all of them still active with a strong spirit and admirable enthusiasm.

The video in the article is an example of the difficulties of drivers in order to save the victims so that people can better understand the work of these great people.

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