The little boy was crashed by motorcycle while crossing the road and suffered a catastrophic accident because of the carelessness of adults !


The adults carelessly let the boy suddenly cross to the road, the motorbike din’t brake in time, and crashed the baby.

Pictures from the clip show that the boys are playing on the street, while the man in red shirt riding motorbike toward . This kid probably recognized the familiar person then rushed across the street with the man..

A baby was hit by a motorcycle when crossing the street

He went to the street without looking carefuly.

The driver is supposed to drive at an average speed

Many people believe that the main cause of this incident is the carelessness of adults

At that moment ,there was a motorcycle coming up without braking and crash into a baby. The red shirt man got angry , demanding to hit the motorcycle driver but be stopped by the people around.

Many people think that the man riding a motorcycle at moderate speed, not too fast and the boys rushed suddenly. In this case, the adult din’t look after the boy carefully.

It is unclear where this accident happened but the clip remind to parents of children because only one distracted minute can lead to the consequences unfortunately.

Watching video:

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