Video: Three children desperately fight the snake off with sticks to rescue their dog


This is the moment three boys bravely take on a huge snake that is attempting to eat their pet dog.

The serpent had a vice-like grip around the waist and hind legs of their stricken pooch and was not about to surrender his prey. The youngsters come up with a plan in a bid to save their dog, who appeared dazed by the experience but not in pain.

Video footage shows the older boy try to pin the snake’s head to the grass with a metal pole. The younger two then attempt to force the snake to loosen its fangs by hurling large leaves at it. They give up with that line of attack and attempt to unravel the snake from around the waist of their dog.

Eventually they succeed and the snake’s hold weakens. At the end, the canine manages to shake himself free and can be seen running off. The dog appeared unhurt by the assault but the fate of the snake is unknown.

The boy continued to take the snake’s head while the poisonous creature was still struggling. The length of the snake is even more than this boy’s height.

It is not clear where the video was filmed.

There have been many cases which children used bare hands catching cobras, even pythons. These cases happened in rural areas.

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