Why snails can crawl through sharp razor edges without being injured


Here are the reason why the snails are able to crawl through sharp razor edges.

The sharp razor blade can tear the skin at any moment with a very small force. Walk on the blade? Surely we can only see that in magical performance.

Yet, there is one animal that can do this – whenever they like. That is the snail.

Why do they have the unique ability?, let’s find out!

Physics reason:

The snail’s weight is less than 5N

The answer turns out to be very simple. The first reason is the size. Compared to us, snails are much smaller and lighter.

Suppose a force equal to 5N is enough of a blade to cut off our hands and the shape of a snail. But while we can make such small effort easily, the snail can not do it. When sliding through the blade, the snail’s weight is less than 5N so it is obvious that they are safely crossing the blade.

In addition, we all know that the pressure depends on the surface area of the force:

We have large size so the thickness of the blade for us is very small. Snails are smaller in size, so this thickness is quite large.

For simplicity, imagine when you stand by the giant’s knife a thousand times bigger – you will see a wall. The sharp knife for them is not sharp at all,ecause of the size.

As a result, the force applied to the snail is very small. Of course, they were not even able to crawl through the blade.

Biology and Chemistry factor:

Size is one thing, the real secret of this special ability comes from something very ordinary: mucus.

The lower part of the snail’s body has glands that secrete a variety of mucus of different properties depending on their purpose. The composition of this sebaceous gland is 91% – 98% water, the rest is sugar and protein. Connections in the block can break and recur, so that the mucus is both stable and flexible.

The mucus surrounds the snail’s body to keep the snail from dehydrating through the skin, while the liquid under the leg is loose but sticky, making it easy to climb and reduce friction with the ground.

In this case, it essentially protects the snails, separating the body and the blade as they crawl.

Is the snail painful but still trying?

Oh, absolutely not. Low-level animals such as snails do not feel pain as we do, but they also have some degree of neurological sensitivity. For example, when you accidentally touch the right hand or when the snail catches with salt, they will immediately fall back because it is a danger.

If the snails feel pain when they crawl through the blade, they must have slipped into the shell? But the reality is not. Show that they do not hurt when they cross the blades.

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